Master Instructor (MI)

The appointment to Master Instructormaster instructor

One important step is the appointment to become a Master Instructor, like before, when you have been appointed to become a Master Scuba Diver Instructor. At the same time of your appointment as Master Instructor, you will get an invitation to the ITC, which evaluates and confirm the validity of appointment.


Your challenge

As a certified Master Instructor you can register in the course director course in order to conduct independently scuba dive instructor courses.

The fun factor

You are now an integral part of the instructor education system of IRTDA. You can be requested to take part in any ITC course in order to train even more qualified IRTDA Instructors. 


  • You have minimum one year the ROWI Instructor Brevets awarded to you
  • Minimum age 19 years
  • Minimum certification (brevets) of 85 scuba dive students
  • Minimum attendance of four ITC courses
  • Medical dive certification (not older than 6 months)
  • Active support from IRTDA

Your new life 

You can aspire to become Course Director within the training system of IRTDA after your appointment as Master Instructor. This honour is reserved only for staff instructors, who stand out with their achievements as instructor and being a good example within the scuba dive sport. Die Ernennung zum Master Instruktor